A Little of This and a Lot of That

A little of this and a lot of that, a look at my week.

In my life this week…
I lost a little chickie. My beautiful Fiona died on Sunday, she was my "silver" Araucana that I bought along with 2 others back at the end of March. I have no clue what happened, but I've been keeping an eye on all the others.

Let's talking about frogging. I really dislike it, especially when I have all the pieces of a sweater knitted and ready for the last piece to come together and the button band and main color panel will not cooperate. I put the sweater down for about 3 months and picked it up again this week. Let's just say, that I frogged all the pieces and now have two balls of yarn that are screaming to be knitted into a sweater. ~ Maybe I'll just look for another pattern...

I found out that the state of Georgia has a change in our homeschooling laws. Families will now be notifying the state and not their county school district with their letter of intent. According to local newspapers, the state has not even put into play how this is going to work when it starts July 1st. Hmmm...

In our homeschool this week...
I've been incorporating a lot of Netlfix into our school. Would you believe they have many documentaries about WWII? They do and we've been enjoying watching them. So far D-Day: The Total Story  is our favorite.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…
Seriously, check out Netflix. You'll be surprised at all the documentaries and biographies they have listed. The good thing about it is ~ you don't have to leave your home to find educational films and they're available all the time.

What’s working and not working for us… 
Teaching Textbooks is a BIG plus for us. This is our second year using it and we love it! I have probably spent a total of two hours teaching (explaining) a concept to my son this entire school year. Yahoo! Math is a subject that is hard for me and trying to explain something pertaining to Math is not the easiest for me. (I sometimes wonderful if I helped or hurt students in Math while I taught school.) Hopefully I didn't do too much damage. The majority of them have either graduated or still attending college, so I guess that is a good sign.

Questions/thoughts I have…
I wonder what would happen in/to our country if all Christians joined together and really prayed for our nation. I don't mean the hit and miss prayer when it crosses our mind. I mean setting aside time every day to pray just for our nation and leaders.

Things I’m working on…
I just don't have the crafty mood right now. Hopefully once we are finished with our school year, I'll be able to focus more on my sewing and knitting.

I’m reading…
I'm trying to finish up Journey to the Well by Diana Wallis Taylor. It was a freebie a couple of weeks ago and it's a very good book. I'm also working on Tracie Peterson's Chasing the Sun for a book review.

I’m cooking…

I'll be cooking Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas for supper tonight.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

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  1. We love Netflix too! Sorry about your chickie :(. Stopping by to say hi from HMJ! Have a great weekend!

  2. Clearly, I know nothing about making a sweater because when you first said frogging, I thought you were catching frogs (frog-gigging). Oops! ;)

    So sorry you lost a chick. We'd love to have chickens someday but that would be hard.

  3. Aw...sorry you lost a chick. Doesn't sound good that the HS letter of intent has to go to the state now. I've often wondered the same thing about if everyone who says they are a Christian would really pray every day for our nation and its leaders what a huge difference it could make. However, what our nation really needs is another Great Awakening so that people would repent and turn to God.
    Have you seen the movie, Time Changer? It is good! You can watch the trailer at this link:

  4. LOVE THE CARTOON! So true!

    And we also use Netflix a lot for school. It's awesome...but not near as awesome as Teaching Textbooks! We're in our 3rd year using it. This year I have one doing 3rd grade; one in 6th; and one doing 9th grade Algebra I. It's expensive, but it's been worth every penny it has saved us in blood, sweat, and tears.

  5. @Melissa

    Thanks for visiting! I'm looking forward to reading more on your blog.

  6. @See Jamie blog

    That is too funny! I would love to go frog-gigging. I've never been, but my husband tells me that it is out of this world fun. Hopefully one day.

    Maybe one day you can try your hand with chickens. Start out small with 2 or 3 chickens.

  7. @Sharon

    You are right! Our country really needs a revival. I have not seen the movie but watched the trailer. I'll be keeping my eye out for it.~ Thanks for the recommendation.

  8. @Tara

    Teaching Textbooks is the best program we have used and love it! I can't believe how it has saved us from tears and heartache. I would highly recommend it anyone.


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