It's Not Over Until The Momma Sings!

It's Not Over Until the Homeschool Momma Sings

We finished up our schooling on Friday. It took a little persuasion on my part, to actually get our Spring Break in for the year. It was scheduled for two weeks ago and we were behind in our Math by about 10 days because of my husband's work schedule.

Yes, I'm trying to pass the blame on to something else, when in reality I slacked off a little on Math because I knew we were not going to have enough lessons for the whole year. (Teaching Textbooks doesn't have a full 170 lessons.)

I thought I would only be a couple of days behind and then all I would have to do is double up for those lessons. It doesn't pay to think this way! After doubling up on our math for the last two weeks, we are now enjoying our Spring Break with the "official" ending date for this Friday. I think this was pretty clever on my part ~ Spring Break for the last week of school.

Any way... For me school is not officially over until I have all the paperwork finished up and filed away with used books ready to sell.  I was able to do just that yesterday afternoon and last night. I dislike the idea of this job looming over me for weeks, so I quickly start the job so I can finish it. I'm so happy!  This end of year job is actually a year long process for me that I'll be writing about later this week.

While Jamie and I were outside feeding and watering the chickens, I heard him say "Summer break, here we come!" while he was going back into the house. He knew that I was finished and would be looking forward to my summer. Such a smart kid!

It's official!  I'm singing...Summer break, here I come!...


  1. It's always nice for that summer break to relax and regroup for the next year's lessons.

    1. I don't know how I missed your comment. It is very nice knowing I'll have some time to rest and relax before getting next year's things together.


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