Lessons From the Week

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I joined a Proverbs 31 Bible study for the summer. I'm really excited about this study because it is for the whole chapter, not just for verses ten through thirty one.  Along with this study, I have been reading Raising Kids with Character That Lasts by John and Susan Yates. This little book... OH.MY. GOODNESS! The Yates have hit the nail on the head when it comes to teaching character to our children.

These are just a few things I have learned this week.

The most important thing going on in my life at this moment is raising my son. If I don't invest the time and effort into training him for the Lord, then I am "throwing away" the gift that God gave to me.  I may have to repeat myself, but if my son does not leave his teachings behind when he is older, then all those times will be worth it.

 Our children see the "real" us when others do not. Kinda nerve-racking when you think about it. "It should be our goal as parents to equip our children with the character necessary to live a life pleasing to God." ~Susan Yates  

While we are teaching our children about sin, we need to be sure we are giving the "why we (not our opinions, but what God says) stay away from it". Sin can be a temporary situation, but the effects will last a lifetime. God has a special plan for our children and sin can hinder that plan.

For whatever reason, people are going to do things (drink, drugs, etc.) to ease the pain of real life. But for a child of God, it is never right to do those things. If the opportunity arises, help those in need. Our children need to be taught to be fair and not judgmental towards others; to be caring and compassionate.

"We have the responsibility and the privilege to help our children learn to be outstanding men and women. We teach them in the ordinary activities of the day-to-day life we share... the influence of family on character cannot be overemphasized." John Yates


  1. I am doing the same or similar study and it is so good. I think I will look for the book too. Thanks for sharing....

    1. Hey, Pat!

      She has the link to her book in her emails. I had to follow her by email to get it.

    2. Thanks I have the ebook, I actually meant the other book, my kids are almost raised but still got grands coming up. Thanks so much though.

    3. I just had a blonde moment, Pat. Sorry about that!


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