A Pile of Papers

I mentioned in an earlier post that we finished up our school work last Friday and that I finished all the paper work ~ school is officially over. Now that it is over, I can't believe how much time I have on my hands for cleaning and sewing ~ even a nap in the afternoons.

I mentioned on Wednesday about my year long process of having everything ready for the final organizing and filing away. Well, here is what I do.  My husband bought this awesome expandable file folder for me a couple of years ago when I was storing all the coupon inserts from the newspapers. It has a new job ~
 This folder is perfect for my monthly cleaning out of my homeschool notebook. Each month, I add the lesson plans, tests/quizzes, worksheets, etc that are completed.

Everything is there, when I need it at the end of the year. This is what it looks like as of today. This file does not get emptied until I began the new year process. Why? I keep this where I can get to it, if I need it for research of a curriculum or a certain subject. It's also there, in case someone from the county/state calls; just in case.


Once I'm completely finished with all of this paperwork, I place it in a cheap 3 prong pocket folder like THIS. When everything is hole punched and placed in the file it will look like these. The one on the bottom is for this year, I've been hole punching so I can have that job completed.

I also write what is found in the folder on the outside.  Grade, Year, Sample Work, Grade Sheet, Tests and Quizzes, Yearly Progress Report, Lesson Plans, School Calendar, Copies of Letter of Intent and Attendance Forms if it is a school year where achievement testing is required that is also included. These are stored in a box in a closet. I also have the important files (calendars, letter of intent, progress reports, achievement test scores and grade sheets) saved on a flash drive.

I did not start doing this until Jamie was in fourth grade, so I have all of kindergarten through third grade to work on this summer. Yep, this is the year it is going to be worked on!

Seeing all the little things that were created in kindergarten is going to be hard to go through, I can get sentimental over that kind of stuff. I guess, Jamie is going to have to help me go through it.

Tomorrow is junior rodeo day.  YEEHAW! I'll be working on some knitting while the boring events (barrel racing, pole bending) are going on. :)

I love to hear about other people's organization of their school work and paper work. Leave me a comment on what you do.   I hope you have a great weekend.


  1. We're required to have a portfolio review of our work by a certified Maine school teacher so I purchase 3 ring binders and dividers for each kiddo in the summer months when they're on sale. I always include our intent to homeschool letter (to the town and state), a simple attendance sheet (to show we did 175 days), a list of field trips, activities and outside-the-house classes, a list of educational videos, and photocopies of the covers of our curriculum and index or chapter (to show what concepts). And then in goes samples of work in each major subject area throughout the year. When the kiddos complete their work it goes in a "letter file box" and about every 5-6 weeks I go through and sort the paper into the portfolios OR in a purge box. I keep the purge box papers until after our review in case I need something else to show our assessor. Voila! LOL

  2. We have to write a yearly progress report for GA and I include our field trips, curriculum concepts, etc. in the report. I love hearing how other people file away their paper work.

  3. I love to see everyone's ideas for organizing! I keep all my four kids' work in file boxes throughout the year. At the end of the year, I bundle the files and store them, along with any completed workbooks in a box marked with that year's date. School records and lesson plans are stored on my computer and backed up on flash drives. I do most of this in Google Documents. I keep my school files there- filed by year.

    1. Hi, Leah! I have not even thought about filing on Google Docs. I think I'll be uploading files there so just in case.

      Thanks for visiting.


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