Our Favorite Math Curriculum: Teaching Textbooks

About three years ago I was first introduced to Teaching Textbooks. I was intrigued by what I was being told, so I began to think maybe this is what we needed. At that time, I was using Abeka and we were barely making it through.  I knew there had to be something better for  home education, something created for a home educated child. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with Abeka other than it was not created for the home educator and their method of teaching is not for an individual that needs more out of what is being presented.

I remember the first time I looked at the TT website, I fell in love with the program but I was concerned about the price.  Knowing that I had to stay within a budget for our curriculum, I decided to pass on it.  After looking at it for little over a year, I decided that I would spend a little more money on our math and tighten up on something else.  I'm glad I took that plunge because the cost is so worth it when you see your child understand a math concept and not having to spend hours to complete an assignment.

Last school year was the first year for us to use Teaching Textbooks so I bought both the books and the Cd's.  Once my son watched the first lesson, he decided that he did not want to use the book. So we gave the Cd's a go without the book and he did fine without it. I did have him write out any problems that he needed help with in a spiral notebook. From that moment on, he has loved the thought of not having a math book.

Teaching Textbooks was created for the home educated student. Teaching Textbook™ series was designed for independent learners, it introduces proper terminology only after first presenting the underlying concept in plain language. Of course, the series includes all the terms that students need to know for important standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT, but our textbooks do not bog the reader down in highly technical language until students are ready to digest it. 

Teaching Textbooks is like having a personal tutor. Each lesson is taught and if a problem in the lesson needs further explanation a reminder or a hint is given to help the student. The explanation can be be replayed for further help. The student is not left to try and figure out how to work a problem.

For the parent, this program keeps up with all the daily and quiz grades. There is no preparation, so they can focus more on other areas of school work. The grade book is laid out where you can see the lesson number, the number of problems worked and missed along with the grade. In this section, the parent can go in and see which problems were missed and clear out the answer so it can be reworked. A very easy step when helping the student rework problems and changing the daily/quiz grades.

A few words from my user ~ "I like the easy use of my math.  All I have to do is put the disc in the computer and sign in and I'm ready to work on the day's lesson. I like the "buddy" characters that helps with my lessons. The teacher is easy to listen to and understand. The lessons are short and I don't have to spend a lot of time on them."

I'm not being paid by Teaching Textbooks for this review. There are many parents who are in the position where I was when trying to decide if this is an option and I want to voice my recommendation for this wonderful program. If there are any questions about this program, I'll be happy to answer any, if I can.

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