A Peek Into Our Day

We have finished our third week of school. It's a little hard to believe three weeks are already up, but they are.   Since I have the freedom to choose how and when I educate my son, I don't normally stick with a "schedule". We do follow a routine and since there's only two of us here, that routine is not written in stone.

Before you even begin reading about how our days goes... I admit, I am not like everyone else.

Last school year, I changed our school time around and it has worked for us. We are both Night Owls and sleeping in in the mornings makes our day go smoothly. Once my husband leaves for work, I usually go back to sleep for an hour or two.  Then our morning clean up begins. Yep, we clean before school starts, because I don't want  it staring me in the face every time I look up. Crazy, I know! If everything is completed early enough, I check my email, blog, etc. Our school day starts after lunch and finishes up around four. Since my husband doesn't get home until late, this works perfectly with not rushing to get supper cooked.

As for our actual school work, I don't follow a schedule. Usually, whatever book is picked up; we work on it. I do have a tentative schedule that shows an amount of time that we like to spend on each subject. This is in my planner for just in case days.

Our evenings are opened for free time. Jamie uses the computer to play some of his favorite games. I read, sew, knit or catch up on 24 on Netflix.

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