The Beginning of Frog's Lilypad

My friend Karen has challenged all her readers to write about how our blog names came about, along with when we started blogging. So here's how Frog's Lilypad was named...

To start this, I have to explain about the name Frog.  My husband had an uncle who gave family members a nickname. The last time we saw him before he passed away, he gave Jamie his nickname. While my husband and his uncle were talking, his uncle said I must really have to hop around to keep up with them both. So, I was given the nickname Frog.  I'm honored to have this nickname, from what I understand I am the only in-law to be dubbed with a special name.

While we lived in western Montana, I googled a particular singing group and a link to a blog came up. When I clicked on it, I was first introduced to a sweet friend. After reading pages from her blog and some of her friends' blogs, and searching other blogs, I began to toy with the idea of starting a blog. When my husband came home from work one evening, I explained to him what a blog was and some of the things that I had been reading. Of course, he was not too interested at that time.

After a couple of weeks of reading, I decided I could start a blog. I mean, how hard could it be? Well, the hardest thing for me to do was come up with a name for my blog. After kicking around names for several hours, I decided to wait until my husband was back home. That evening, I told him that I wanted to start a blog and could not decide on a name. I wanted something catchy, not something dull; something that was me. After a few minutes, my husband came up with Frog's Lilypad.

In January 2008, Frog's Lilypad started. Over the years, there have been changes in appearance and locations. I really liked being over on Wordpress, but I did not like the random advertisements they posted. Sadly, some of those ads did not pertain to anything I wrote about, so I came back to Blogger. Blogger really is more user-friendly! It's kind of funny that a challenge like this, made me realize I've been blogging for almost 5 years.

So now you know how Frog's Lilypad got its name. If you didn't click on Karen's name above, you should click HERE and see some of the wonderful primitives she makes.


  1. Hi Lori.
    THANKS FOR JOINING MY CHALLENGE and posting such a fun post.
    I love how you came up with your name. Very sweet indeed.
    I love how our husbands didn't have an interest in the beginning - but they do come around.
    Love the name of yours.

  2. P.S.
    I may be missing this but HOW DO I FOLLOW YOU...I don't see any 'followers'.

    Oh, and I see you are an 'affiliate' for Christian
    I order from there very, very often! Great prices (even with shipping the prices are awesome).


  3. Love the name! I think it is also funny how so many husbands are skeptical at the beginning, but just can't help being a part of it later... Being bestowed with a nickname (a loving one, not the mean ones siblings can give ;) )is a treasured event. My dad calls me "Heather Sketter". Don't know how he came up with it. It doesn't rhyme. But it's mine! It is good to meet you!



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