My Homeschool Planner

I was sharing with a friend about not buying yearly home school planners; I create my own in a three ring binder. I'm not one who lives according to a daily planner; I'm a go with the flow kind of girl. For me a planner is something I'd rather not spend money on since I end up not liking the planner or I don't use half of what they have to offer. When I first started out on this journey, I did buy a teacher’s lesson plan book and grade book for the first couple of years, I even bought a home school planner and returned it.

I know many people buy planners and like them. But I like having the option of creating my own to meet my personal needs. Being able to change my planner pages around if needed during the year is a must. I like being able to reprint my quarterly grade sheet if I totally mess something up. I love my yearly calendar sheet that I revamped to my liking after I download it from Calendar Labs. Having all of my home education forms, notes and school work at my fingertips without the extra fluff is something I REALLY love. If something ever happened to me, my husband and son would have everything they need in one notebook.

I’m a simple kind of gal when it comes to my binder. I don’t print off beautiful images for dividers, although I probably should to help keep my motivation up when I hit one of those days. But really, I don’t see the need to waste the ink on something like an image that I’ll flip over and never see. 

Here's the cover page for the notebook.~
We lived between the Sapphire and Bitterroot Mountain ranges in Montana; hence the name of our school.

If you'd like a copy of these plans, leave me a comment and I will get them sent out as quick as I can.

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