Spelling Study Sheet

We've been using Spelling Power for little over a month now and I wish I would have started this program years ago. You can read about how I use the program HERE.

In the past, I've always had misspelled words written several times on notebook paper. It worked, but it is something that we've been doing from the beginning of elementary school. When I got the Spelling Power book, a printable study sheet was included in the back of the book. Unfortunately, I really did not care for this particular sheet. So, I decided to create a study sheet that would work for Jamie and his needs.

We've been using this sheet for a couple of weeks now, and we love it. Each day when the flow word list is given and any words are missed, I simply write those words in the top box. When we are finished with the list and Jamie has corrected the words on his paper, he is given this sheet and all he does is write the words and spell the words out loud three times.  If there is an extremely difficult word, then he will use another row for some added practice.

You are more than welcome to use this study sheet. You can also find other related items HERE.

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  1. Hi there, is there any chance you could send me this Spelling Power worksheet as a pdf? I can't seem to print it through Scribd. Thanks! jasonandrebekah (at) yahoo....


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