Answers in Genesis and A Little FYI

We had an opportunity to attend an Answers in Genesis Conference on Sunday evening and Monday morning. To sum it up in one word ~FANTASTIC!~ Both Ken Ham and Dr.Tommy Mitchell spoke on Sunday evening and both did equally wonderful.

In the first session, Ken Ham spoke on One Race, One Blood. He has a book entitled One Race, One Blood  and this session was based on his book.  Once the technical genetics part was over with, he went on to explain how the skin colors and different features (facial) about people are formed. Some pretty amazing information was given on how everyone ~ red, and yellow, black and white are all related. We are all one race; the human race. There are no races but different shades of skin. We are all children of Adam. No matter what continent someone is from, we are all related.

Dr. Mitchell spoke on Why Can't a Day Mean a Day. This session was extremely informative about how the days of creation were literal 24 hour days. He went on to explain  how the days in Genesis 1 were just like the same 24 hour days that made up the week that the Israelites walked around the wall of Jericho. The same 24 hour days when Jonah was in the great fish.  And how they were the same 24 hour days that Jesus was in the grave. So if the days in the other parts of the Bible mean an actual 24 hours, then the days in Genesis 1 mean the same thing. He even pointed out that evolutionist only questioned the days in Genesis 1. I really enjoyed this session, I think it had to do with the way Dr. Mitchell talked ~he talked just like us ~ with a strong southern accent.

Yesterday morning was a lot of fun! These sessions were geared towards children. Ken Ham spoke at both of these and in the first session he was able to break down the dinosaur fact for anyone to understand and believe. He gave scripture verses that backed up dinosaurs being in the Bible and gave evidence that they could not have lived millions of years ago. In the second session, Ken spoke on how to be able to defend our Christian faith biblically and scientifically. A lot of the information from Sunday night was taught while explaining how children can share the gospel while defending our faith.

If you have a chance to attend an AIG conference in your area, do it. You won't be disappointed and will walk away with something new you've learned.

This week was suppose to be our week off in our school. We were looking forward to it like it was a vacation to some exotic place. Yeah, right! Actually, we were looking forward to this week since it is a week off from school. But since we are moving we decided to use our week off for when we move. Since this move happens within the next few days, I'm not sure when I'll post again. I know I've not mentioned a move on here, but I will once we are moved.  Have a good week!

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