Our Oklahoma Trip

We were all excited about our trip to Oklahoma last week and I am so thankful we were able to go and get back home safely. We dealt with blizzard like conditions through South Dakota and prayed all the way to Murdo that I-90 would open so we could get to the road needed to head into Nebraska. There were several closure notices along the highway, but the Lord opened the road before we even made it there. :)

We had been told the pronghorns out here are not like deer. They don't don't jump fences unless it is a must situation and even then they will run to keep from having to jump.  We got see to a group run from one side of the road to the other trying to find a safe place to get away from the cars.

If I remember correctly, this was taken in Mission, South Dakota. The cars on the side streets were snowed in and some of the houses had drifts of snow up to the gutters.

I got to explain how to work one of these to Jamie. Funny, there are still some actual places, you don't have to prepay for gas, if you use cash.

There was snow all the way into the middle of Nebraska. Once we got closer to Grand Island we began seeing green, green, green grass. It was a nice view since the last time we've seen any green grass was back before we moved. If this stunning little farm was in Montana, I would so want to live there.

Bull riding school was fantastic! Cody Custer is a wonderful teacher, his compassion and love for bull riding shows when he is around those who are starting out in the sport.  He worked with each boy on the barrel.

He watched each boy work with their rope; making sure they knew what they were doing. He went through each piece of equipment and made sure each boy knew how to use it.

This little guy in the pink shirt was the youngest student. Boy, did he have spunk! His father was asked about the pink shirt and chaps, and he told, "That is all he wears, he won't use another color shirt."  My husband told him (from a photographer's point of view) bold vibrant colors make the best pictures.

Cody even ran around the arena with those needing help, hollering what they needed to do and not do.

Jamie did very well riding. We realized his problem he was having was not all his form but rather a mental thing. ~ He takes his eyes off the bull and watches the ground when he doesn't see it, he panics.  That is something he is going to have to work on.  Believe it or not, I videoed one ride on Saturday and missed the part where he fell off. So I tried to do the others and would you believe the crazy video on my husband's camera paused? Yep, I missed his best ride of the weekend! So I quit being the official videographer before I could be fired. :)

It's not often you see a teenager being an encourager. This young man was the most encouragement I saw the two days. He patted the other guys on the back and told them they were doing good and better luck next time. He never made a sneary face or remark to those who were having trouble. He even helped get their ropes up out of the arena.

Who would have thought, I would have to wrap up in April in Oklahoma? Yeah, they snuck in a cold day on us for Friday. I rebelled and wore my sandals and capris anyway! We were rewarded with 70+ degree weather on Saturday, so it evened out.  I spent a good bit of time knitting, I finished a simple table runner and started and finished a couple of other small items.

No matter what this young-in will say, he was about whooped when he climbed into the bed on Friday night and into the truck on Saturday to head back home.

                                  Some of the students and men who helped out.

           This is my favorite picture of all; a former World Champion with a new comer.

On our way home, we were able to get a quick peek at some of the snow covered Badlands.

               And we were welcomed home to 8 inches of fresh snow.

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  1. How exciting for Jamie! We enjoy watching bull riding so I know who you are talking about when you mentioned Cody Custer. It's a scary but exciting sport!
    Enjoyed all the snow pictures!


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