Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

Happily, last Tuesday evening I chopped off all my hair; all five long inches of it. It took me two hours, but I did it and I'm happy with it being short again. My hair was at the point where I had to pull it back with clips to keep it out of my face and it was not quite long enough to put it up in a ponytail; the dreaded stage of letting short hair grow. Yeah, well, I'm 42 years old and I want to look my age for as long as possible, so the whole idea of letting my hair grow long has been flung out the window. I know there are ladies older than me with beautiful long hair, but there are also those who look much older because of their hair and I don't want to be in that boat.

I began writing this post before I ran to the bathroom with  scissors.  Hopefully, you will see the two reasons why I use Tea Tree Oil in my shampoo.

I love Tea Tree Oil! I have even come to love the piney smell when I open the bottle. There are so many uses for it and it works for everything I have used it in and on.

When I first bought Tea Tree Oil, I had read about using it for acne so it was bought for Jamie. Let me tell you quickly, it works and rather fast unlike all those over the counter creams that never worked when I was growing up.

For the past several months, I have been using it in my shampoo.   After Christmas, I started letting my hair grow back out and was looking for something that might work with the Biotin I was already taking. I stumbled over a couple of articles written for African American women and their hair and thought "why not?" after reading them and several others about hair growth.

In all seriousness, it really works for hair growth or I have a very good imagination! Now, I take Biotin every day and only wash my hair about 3 times a week; maybe one more time if I leave the house.  In some of the articles written about Tea Tree Oil shampoo, the idea of using it for oily hair was mentioned several times and how it seemed to work for some.When I started this, I had to wash my hair everyday because of oil and after trying this for a couple of weeks, I was able to cut back on the number of washes each week. YAY!

When mixing the first bottle of shampoo and oil, I used a small amount for the tester. I did this, so I would not have a big mixture that I would not be able to use for whatever reason. After using it with no ill effects, I now mix a half a bottle of shampoo with about 15-20 drops of oil (I keep adding until the TTO smell is stronger than the shampoo) and shake the bottle like there is no tomorrow.

Since we have soft water, I have been able to stop using a conditioner on my hair. Soft water and Tea Tree Oil shampoo go hand in hand! My hair is thicker, softer, and oil free it is unbelieveable!


  1. I've used melaleuca(tea tree) shampoo for years. I love it!

  2. My hair is a mess, I was letting it grow out and kept it pinned up. Then about a month ago, I got it cut and permed. It was long and stringy, now it frizzy, dry and shorter.
    About the biotin, I saw on another blog that she creditd her nice fingernails to biotin. Do you think it helps your nails?

    I am afraid my hair Is just hopeless

    1. My nails would be in better shape if I used gloves when I wash dishes. I do see a difference in them since I started taking the Biotin and if I use the Nutra Nail Green Tea Nail Hardener more often that I do, I can really see a huge difference even with washing dishes.


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