A Little School, A Little Gardening, A Little Meat and A Little Cleaning

It's hard to believe there are only two more weeks in this month! This time of year seems to fly quickly out the door for me. We begin to buckle down in our school work, making sure EVERYTHING in the core subjects are completed while adding some light electives to round out the school year. Yes, I'm one of those moms who complete EVERYTHING since everything counts towards hours for our school year.  The state of Montana does not require a set number of days, but hours. The hours can be a good thing while it can be a bad thing for some. I like the hours, because we can spend extra time on something fun and exciting and not have to monkey around with a calendar like I did in Georgia.

I'm also pre-planning for the beginning of our HIGH SCHOOL years which start in the fall. I can't believe Jamie will be starting his ninth grade year! I never thought we would make it this far, but we are peddling right along. I'm a little nervous about the next four years and I'm actually looking into online classes for him, so we will see how everything works out.

Another exciting thing about this time of year for me, are all of the seed catalogs have hit the post office box. After seeing how the growing season is here, and how some things grow and not grow, we are in the planning stages of raised beds this year. I have one REALLY good area that needs to be built up for a bed that runs along the side of the garage. It has a low spot where water tends to sit after the snow melts, so a little work and that area will be up and ready for seedlings once all the snow is gone.
This past week was Albertsons' meat sale. The sale usually comes between my shopping days, but this time it hit perfectly and I was able to take advantage of it. I was a little saddened when I found out that some locations, like the Colorado stores had better prices on their meat, but I'm happy for $1.88 a pound.

I was able to stock up on chicken and ground beef which will help in the budget over the next few months.  I divided up the chicken and ground meat into smaller portions for the freezer. I normally do not buy beef because of the high purine levels in it, but the price was cheaper than turkey.  Angus is a big part of the beef industry out here and most of the restaurants use it and many stores don't label the meat as being Angus because of that, I try to stay away from any beef since all it takes is one bite of Angus to set off a gout flare up in my husband. ~Yeah, we eat A LOT of white meat. I also bought two roasts, since they were B1G1 and after I saw the look in my husband's eyes when he looked at them. He loves roast and since he doesn't eat a lot of beef, we gave in. One is in the crock pot at the moment and the other is out in the big freezer for later on. I also have my pineapple juice on hand so just in case.
I haven't bought any breakfast sausage in almost a year. Yes, I'm still making my own and it tastes so much better than store bought. Any time I can buy a pork roast/loin I do it. I was able to get two half pork loins this time. We ground 1 ½ and the other half, I sliced. We were able to get six pounds of sausage out of the loins and several freezer bags of pork "chops".

Wondering how much I bought and spent? Well, I spent $58 on $110 worth of meat.
  • Chicken ~ 12 pounds    
  • Ground Beef ~ 6 pounds
  • Pork Loins~ 10 pounds 
  • Roasts ~ 6 pounds 
Spring cleaning is just around the corner for me. Actually, I don't do "spring cleaning" any more but I do an in depth cleaning of one room a month and it's that weekend again. Last month, was the laundry and sewing room. This month, is Jamie's room. I'm looking forward to this room, because I'm crazy! That's right, I'm crazy to be wanting to deep clean his room and closet but it has to be done and I don't want any field mice making their home in his closet. Since his closet is prime real estate for field mice, it's best if I clean it so I know there won't be any surprises running out at me, when I open the door. Thankfully, it hasn't happened yet, but the way he keeps his closet, I'm surprised nothing has been found in it.
It's January 16, 2014 and I hope you have an amazing day!

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