Reusable Dusting Cloths

I LOVE dusting! No, really I don't, but it is a household job that is on  the top of my list of jobs I dread the least.  I remember growing up and dusting for my Maw Maw. She always had lemon scented polish and I loved it! That lemony smell was what I loved about dusting her house. Sadly, my sister loved dusting her house also, so we had to take turns each week with the dusting and vacuuming. I really dislike vacuuming in those days because my grandmother owned an extremely heavy canister vacuum cleaner and the crazy thing would roll under tables and into corners and it would get hung and no matter how hard I would pull the hose, that thing wasn't going anywhere. Needless to say, I don't own a canister vacuum cleaner.

To this day, I still love the lemony scent of furniture polish because it brings back the memories of dusting when I was a little girl. Yes, I use it in my home on a weekly basis because dry dusting has never done a thing for me except move dust around to land on the furniture again soon after I was finished with the chore.

Not long after I was married, I bought one of those Static Dusters. You know the one where you spun it around in your hands to open it and then rubbed it across the tv screen and then dusted with it. Nope, it didn't work for me.

Those cute little Swiffer dusters... yeah, I dislike those also, because they REALLY do not work and they cost money to replace. I'm not one to fork out money for a disposable dusting rag on a stick. I do love the wand part of the duster because it gives me a little more length to my reaching. I liked the idea so much, I signed up for a free sample just so I could get the wand. Shameless, I know!

I came across THIS tutorial on making your own reusable dusting cloths. I made a couple on Saturday using leftover flannel and sack cloth pieces. After using both, I have to admit I like the sack cloth one better. Maybe, because I normally dust with an old t-shirt and they both dust the same.

These pictures show the cloths after only one washing and drying. The sack cloth did not fray as much as the flannel, but after the second washing it frayed more.

The good things about making these: I use up scrapes of fabric I have no other use for because of their sizes. I'm not throwing money away when I take them off to replace them since I can wash them and reuse them until they are dead. I'm saving money! Who doesn't like saving money?


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