Ditching the Satellite Dish

The day I called Direct TV was a huge mistake! When we first moved here, we really thought we needed local channels because of the weather. Yeah, right! Our "local" channels were Bismarck channels and by the time any weather was heading towards Bismarck it had already moved from this area. Yeah, so local channels were not so local.

Ditching the Satellite Dish

In the past, we cut the plug to pay TV and lived happily for several years. We were able to watch all of our favorite shows, just a day later online. We subscribed to Netflix and watched many full running series of shows we missed by not paying to watch TV. We were happy! We had extra money in our pockets! We even added to our DVD collection and we were happy ~ we had new things to watch when we wanted and extra money in our pockets. We were very HAPPY! We had TOTAL CONTROL over what was being aired into our home.

Before we moved here, we thought about buying a Roku box because of all the FREE channels they have to offer and then we moved and the idea left us until last fall. When I think about all the money we threw out the window, I could just kick myself!

After spending an average $75 a month for almost a year, we were READY to cut the cord to the satellite dish. After doing some minor calculations and planning we knew just when it would benefit our pockets to disconnect from the ever looming contracted monthly bill. Yes, we terminated our service early. Yes, we had to pay a fee. But, that fee was a TINY percentage of the $750 we would be paying to not terminate. Confused?... Simply, we are saving 78% by terminating our service before November.

After owning our Roku box for three months, it will have paid for itself and all the viewing of shows and movies will have cost us nothing except for our $8.00 a month for the Netflix subscription.

Saving money was the MAIN reason for cutting the cord to pay TV. Taking control of what is coming into our home is something that I have tried to do for years and it was the SECOND reason why we choose this route. But, as long as commercials are being aired, THERE IS NO TRUE CONTROL.

There is a lot that can be written about making this change, but I won't because it is something that is a personal preference and it does take sacrificing. If someone is not WILLING to sacrifice a little, then making this change is not going to work.

I'm working on another post about the Roku channels that we have added and are enjoying. Be watching for it, because if you are a homeschooling family ~ Roku has some really neat channels for students and children that are quite educational and they are FREE.

***Here's my post called Our Favorite Roku Channels.

Ditching the Satellite Dish


  1. hi, nice to see a post from you. I know you have had a long hard winter.
    we cut the cord and switched to Roku almost 5 years ago, it is one of the best financial decisions we have ever made. Besides the less money, I just don't like being in a contract every month. It feels good not to have that obligation.

  2. We did the same thing several years ago. There are only a handful of shows we care to watch, and they are all available online the following day...meaning we can watch when it's convenient for us, rather than having to watch when it airs. We also have Netflix, and find that is all we really need

  3. What do you mean free channels they have to offer? We use our wii for netflix.

    1. When you buy a Roku box, they have channels you can pick and choose. Most of them are free while some are paid subscription channels. It's kind of like the way tv was in the old days~ You buy your tv, you bring it home and watch what you want. There are all kinds of channels from PBS, Pandora, Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, iEducation and Gooseberry Patch. Just a whole ton of neat channels that these companies have signed on to.

      Once you buy the box, you don't have to pay for anything else, unless you choose a paid channel or Netflix. Our box will pay for itself in 3 months. We are no longer paying to watch tv, just Netflix.


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