On the Homestretch

I find it a little amusing to watch my son hunker down on his school work and complete lessons ahead of schedule this time of year. This happens EVERY YEAR. It seems just like last week, I was having to drag lessons out of him when actually, it was a couple of months ago. Now that we are on the homestretch, we have completed every subject except for math, writing a research paper and some reading. Our days don't seem quite as stressful.

I was excited when the topic of the yearly research paper was thought to be settled on William Wallace. I bought books and found websites to help aid in getting to know this man of history. Little did I know, my WWII history loving son would change his mind on the subject for his research paper after learning about the techniques of a particular fighter pilot. I was a little saddened when I heard the news that he had changed his mind and that he wanted to learn more about Erich Hartmann, a German fighter pilot.  I quickly said, "William Wallace was a man who fought for the independence of Scotland, he fought for what was right. Erich Hartmann was probably a Nazi who fought for Germany and all that Hitler stood for!"  A sweet, calm answer came back, "Mom, Erich Hartmann fought for what he thought was right, also. And he wasn't a Nazi!" That last little statement made this Momma feel better about the subject for this research paper.

I guess after sitting in a cockpit at the South Dakota Air and Space Museum last summer helped in creating a new-found love for my son.

It's hard to believe that in a few short weeks, I will have a high schooler. For the past several months, I have been planning our high school years. While I'm still tying up loose ends on a couple of electives, I have everything else planned.  Of course, nothing is set in stone because I'm sure I will realize there is a curriculum we don't care for or something new will come on the market.

I'll be sharing our curriculum choices later on this week.


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  2. hahaha...I already had your email address...sent you an email. :)


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