My TO DO LIST for the Week

This is the week I look forward to in our home education journey - our week off.  While I'm not standing in the corner drooling and twisting my hair into pigtails like a half crazed person, I am enjoying this week as my deep cleaning week.  I've written about our weeks off before to help battle burnout, and how I spend time cleaning, so I don't have to "spring clean" every year.  I thought I would share My TO DO LIST for the Week since it is so different from my normal weeks.

Spring cleaning one room every six weeks cuts down on clutter and keeps a house more tidy than letting it all go until the spring.  Who really wants to be cooped up inside spending a week cleaning when you could be out enjoying something more enjoyable? Not me, we don’t get a good lengthy spring season here, so when the weather allows, I’m enjoying the yard or time with my family.

 As you can see this week is mostly about the kitchen. I began removing 50+ years worth of old shelf liner last week.(I’m keeping my fingers crossed; we’re supposed to strip our cabinets when it warms up so we can paint them.) I still have a few more shelves to remove the horrible stuff from. Please, don’t get me started on sticky shelf liner when there is a whole line of non sticky liner on the market. Whatever you do, don’t layer the mess or have the idea of painting around it!  Yes, I have had to deal with both of those and it is NO FUN!

Yesterday, I spent the day doing my normal weekly house cleaning.  I even worked ahead on Tuesday and Wednesday’s chores, so I could spend several days deep cleaning the kitchen and reorganizing the pantry. Working ahead keeps me from feeling overwhelmed knowing something needs to be completed.

This week is also school planning week. I would love to be one of these moms who have everything ready and on file for the year, but I’m not.  I like planning for six weeks into the future and no more since you never know what can come up.  Once I complete my deep cleaning, I’ll spend time Thursday/Friday filing away paperwork and making lesson plans.

What are your plans for the week? I’d love to hear about them.

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