2015 Goals an Update

When I made my goals for this year, I knew I was choosing goals that I could share updates for; a sense of accountability. Well, since it’s March (already?!) I’m sharing with you my 2015 goals update.

An Update on My 2015 Goals  l frogslilypad.net

Continental knitting – what I can I say, I have the knitting, purling and my favorite bind-off down pat. Knit/Purl 2 together and increases are  being worked on at the moment. Transitioning over has helped me just about finish this beautiful afghan for my husband.

When I say, just about, I only have 4 ½ inches on the last block to finish up. Sadly, I ran out of yarn and am waiting for the skein to be delivered. The pattern for this afghan can be found HERE. The only thing I did differently, I enlarged it by using an extra 40 blocks.

Pain de Mie bread – The recipe that came with the pan, I gave it ago. Well, let’s just say this recipe did not turn out like I had hoped. I’m thinking it was because my poor KitchenAid just could not knead the dough like it needed to. The poor thing has been retired to its box and is now enjoying retirement in the basement.

My sweet husband had to work on President’s Day. There was enough overtime worked for that one day, he bought me this –

All I can say is I am amazed! I’m amazed at the difference in my pizza dough I made on Friday. My sweet son even complimented on the crust. I can’t wait to make a loaf of bread this week!

Quilting – Oh my! Picking out fabric is something I like to do in person. I like being able to touch it, unfold several folds off the bolt to look at it, and smell it. Yes, I love smelling new fabric. Relying on pictures of reproduction fabrics just about caused me to give up on this goal because I couldn’t see it in person.  Because of this, I spent several hours for several days researching and learning. I had to learn all about jellyrolls because that is what the quilt patterns called for. (Heaven knows, I don’t want to make a mountain out of a molehill by buying fabric by the yard to try to do this.) Knowing I was going to make a larger quilt from what the patterns were designed for, I had to use my nonexistent math ability to figure it out. Thankfully, my sister sat up in the wee hours of the morning with me on the phone talking me through it.

Since there are so many options on reproduction fabrics, I chose to buy two jellyrolls from Keepsake Quilting. These fabrics are beautiful! As I was unrolling them, I easily imagined the fabrics as dresses during that era.  These are just a few of the colors that came in the roll.

How are your goals coming along? Are you still pushing right along with them or have you thrown in the towel?


  1. Love your new mixer! Did the kitchen aid mixer bite the dust? I just purchased a new kitchen aid mixer but while I was reading up on kitchen aid mixers I learned that they do require maintenance. They require greasing of some kind. I saw the video on you tube. I still have my older kitchen aid mixer which my daughter will get. Maybe your mix can be revived! I know your husband is handy.

  2. Hi Lori!
    Your goals are do-able, I like that!
    The afghan is beautiful. Similar to one I made many years ago that was all Popcorn blocks.

  3. Well, here I am a gain so soon - I didn't see all the extra things on this post. Seriously when I got on the post there was just the Afghan one!!!
    What a great gift...so it is basically a dough maker? What a wonderful thing to have - I may look into it.

    Gorgeous reproduction fabrics - I buy them for my traditional penny rugs for the backsides...so many beautiful ones to choose from.



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