7 Things I Miss About Georgia

I'm a Georgia girl and that is all there is to it, I'll always have a  home in the South. While there are things about the south I don’t miss (pollen and the smothering humidity), there are many that I do. Today, I'm sharing with you 7 Things I Miss about Georgia.

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7 Things I Miss About Georgia

1. FAMILY ~ all of our family lives in Georgia and Florida except for the one Lone Ranger who lives at Lake Tahoe.

2. CHURCH FAMILY~ after two and half years we still don’t have a local church home that we call home. I deeply miss the SOUTHERNNESS of church services and the JOY that radiates from the people who ENJOY being at church. For many, it’s NOT an obligation or a social event, it’s about WANTING to be there worshiping the Lord and it shows. Don't get me wrong, many people here enjoy being at church.

3. RESTAURANTS~ I have eaten in many restaurants across the country and NONE can compare to Mary Mac’s in Atlanta, The Blue Willow Inn in Social Circle, The Dillard House in Dillard, and The Lady and Sons in Savannah. Of course, I can’t leave out Chick-fil-A because, well, just because. Talking about restaurants, my husband would get me if I left out BBQ because it is a southern delicacy. REAL BBQ doesn’t come from a chain restaurant according to the old timers. Those from the South will know what I’m talking about – the ones that are off the beaten path,  a family name on the sign or even a pig in a pair of overalls. Our favorite establishment to visit was The Iron Pig, weather permitting, you could eat at the picnic tables or enjoy your order at home. If you are like we are, you eat it in the truck because you just couldn’t wait to get home with the order - it is THAT good!

4. TRAVEL~ I miss the idea of being in the mountains one day and at the beach the next. Georgia is home to much history and for this history loving girl, there are still plenty of historical places, I hope to see when we go back home for a visit.

5. FLIP-FLOPS, GREEN GRASS, FLOWERS,and TREES~ I miss spring-like living. Wearing flip-flops and sandals year round are now a thing of the past. Driving down the road and seeing green grass, flowers blooming along with massive amounts of coniferous (evergreen) trees, I miss seeing all that.

6. SWEET GEORGIA PEACHES~ seriously, when I say “they grow ‘em big in the south”, that is not a lie! Georgia peaches are HUGE! But size is not always what matters with a Georgia peach; it’s the juiciness that counts. When you bite into a peach, it should be so sweet and juicy that the juice literally runs down your chin. My parents brought peaches last August when they came to visit. We ate a few and I froze a good many. There’s one bag left in the freezer, just waiting for the right moment.

7. VIDALIA ONIONS~ an onion so sweet you can eat it like an apple, really. True Vidalia onions won’t leave you crying or your tongue stinging. I will say, the Walla Walla onions from Washington are pretty close to the Vidalia, but they do have a tendency to burn and sting.

While some wonder if I deal with homesickness, I don’t. I have never experienced it even while going to camp when I was a kid. My HEART and HOME is where my husband and son are and that is what keeps me HAPPY.


  1. I hear ya... I was born & raised here in NWOK, but... Some things we've never had, like the beach. And some things we've lost because of drought, like green grass, trees, fresh veggies... And some things we've let go of, like the close-knit community feel & loving church family relationships... I am homesick, for Heaven. We'll have it ALL up there with none of the bad. Won't it be great!!!

  2. I've been through Georgia but never really visited there. I'll tuck this away in my travel folder for future reference.

    Stopping by from After my Coffee - thanks for linking up.

  3. waving from Georiga! I'm real close to Atlanta too. I'd miss the green grass and flowers the most. :(

  4. And that was supposed to be a :) and not a :(. That's typing on an iPhone for ya.

  5. Oh - Number 4!!!! Being from North Carolina, I miss being able to hit the Blue Ridge and the Outer Banks all in the span of a day. What memories! Thanks for making me smile, just thinking of home. :)


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