Peace of Mind {Isaiah 26:3}

Having a peace of mind is something everyone wants, but not everyone has. Our mind is the easiest door for Satan to enter and disrupt our lives; he quickly slips in planting doubt and fear when we least expect it. No matter what is going on around us, we can have a perfect peace; we can have an endless amount of peace like no other. There is only one thing that can produce this Peace of Mind – staying focused on the Lord.
Peace of Mind Isaiah 26:3

Peace of Mind 

When we stay focused on the Lord, we tend to trust Him more. It will be easier for us to open our hands and allow Him to take control of a situation. It’s easier to face tough times when our focus is where it needs to be - the Lord. While there will be times when we feel the pain of a hardship, we can have a true inner peace because it is being given by the Peace Giver; the One who cares for and loves us.

Meditate on God’s Word – carving out time for God is a must for staying focused on Him. Those moments during the day will seem to grow and become longer because you'll want to spend time with Him.

Hide God’s Word – we need to hide God’s Word (Psalm 119:11) in our hearts to stay focused on Him. There will be times when we need reminding of a special verse, if we've memorized it, it will be brought to our remembrance when the time comes.

Trust God –when we put our total trust in the Lord, He is going to do marvelous things in our lives. The Lord’s help is always perfect for every need. His timing is always right on time – don't give up waiting for Him.
 A true and lasting peace is only found in the presence of our Heavenly Father.

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