A Fresh New Day - A Fresh New School Year

Happy Monday Morning! I am looking forward to today because a fresh new day awaits each and every one of us. A day which has a clean page and we can choose what kind of day we are going to have before we even hit the floor. Our attitude helps create our day and hopefully at the end of the day, our attitude will be just as good if not better.
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Today begins a new school year for us and I’m thankful I have the opportunity to teach my son at home. I delayed our start date because of our trip last week and I’m glad I did. With a new year comes a clean page for us to determine this year is going to be better than the last. We had a good last school year, don’t misunderstand me, but I want this year to be better in many ways.

Four things I'm working on to make this year enjoyable.

  • I’m bathing our school in prayer. Prayer is a big importance in our school. Before I can face our school hours, I have to pray for those hours, for me, and my son. Without prayer, two bullheaded people usually butt heads over something and our day ends up going down the tubes. Praying doesn’t always keep the bullheadedness from showing up in our school, just so you know.
  • I’m going to learn when to not push. Some days are just not worth the resistance of completing everything on the schedule. While those days are few and far between for us, we still have moments when I expect a length of time to be sufficient in completing a project and it just doesn’t work as I had planned. So backing off the throttle a little will help keep the tension down.
  • I’m going to work with my son’s dislike. There’s not a lot I can say about his dislike for reading because I understand him; I was once a non-reader. Until he decides he loves reading I’m going to work with him. This year, I’ll be implementing some audio books for his literature, only because I don’t want him to hate this course. He will read along with the audio for any of what he chooses. Benjamin Franklin, Frederick Douglass, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Herman Melville. The copy of the Franklin book we’re using seems to not have an audio book, so he will have to read it until I find one.
  • I’m going to enjoy our time together. From the moment I came home, I have enjoyed being with my precious son. This will be our eleventh year and time is quickly passing by. I want our time together to be enjoyable. I want my sweet Jamie to look back on these years and know I enjoyed teaching him. I don’t want him to ever remember me drudging along with an attitude of dread.

Whether you are starting back to school soon or still in the planning stages, remember this is a FRESH NEW SCHOOL YEAR, and you can determine to make the most of your FRESH NEW YEAR with each FRESH NEW DAY.


  1. I hope that your first day back goes wonderfully! You have some wonderful goals! It's not always about the learning...but about the process. My goals are very similar to yours...to make memories, not just learn concepts. This will be our 12th year. We don't start until the Tuesday after Labor Day though.

  2. Hi Lori!

    I hope your first day back to school went well.


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