Saving Money with Roku {an update}

Better late than never I say since this post is two weeks late. Today, I’m updating about our Roku box. I love the fact we can choose what channels we want to watch that are GEARED TO WHAT WE LIKE. There are no forcing channels on us and we are NOT tied to a certain time to watch a show. Best of all, we are not under a contract to watch up to date TV shows and movies. We're saving money with Roku and I LOVE IT!
Saving Money with Roku: you don't have to stay trapped in forking out the big bucks to watch recent televised shows. We're spending $14 a month to watch TV. l

Saving Money with Roku {an update}

When we Ditched the Satellite Dish for a Roku box last year, honestly, I was a little skeptical because I didn’t realize there was so much to choose from with Roku (some of those channels have changed). While we lived without broadcast TV for years in the past, there was the large collection of DVDs being bought and rented and I knew the minor hassle we went through of hooking up the computer to the TV to watch shows we enjoyed. Over the years, many channels closed their viewing to only subscribers of cable and satellite. Without being a paying subscriber to a company, there is no watching a favorite show.

This past year, I noticed more and more cable channels coming to Roku. Many allow viewing of some of their shows and movies, but to get the whole ball of wax, they require a subscription to either a satellite or cable company. Others don’t give away any of their productions and require either a fee or a subscription.

In January, we decided to switch from Netflix over to Hulu Plus which is $7.99 a month. The reason behind this was because we liked the idea of having more TV shows to watch. With Hulu Plus, we get to watch the latest shows on demand as early as the next day. The only “local” channel that is not up to date with Hulu Plus is CBS. But, CBS does allow some open viewing on their website and they now have their  CBS AllAccess which is a pay subscription. Depending on where you live, this channel plays live. We live too far out from civilization to have the live feature, but we’re okay with that and we are happy with $5.99 a month.

Since I have caught up with all the latest season of our favorite CBS shows, I find myself watching many of their classic shows like Jag, Nash Bridges, I Love Lucy, and Perry Mason to name just a few.

As we all know, television and movie providers are all about making money, but you don't have to stay trapped in forking out the big bucks to watch recent televised shows. I love the freedom we have with this little box and we’re only spending $13.98 a month to watch television.

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