5 Ways To Have The Ideal Home

No matter where we live or what we live in, there is no place like home. The walls around your family and items are not the home, but a house, an apartment, etc. Our home is what we create inside those walls. Many of us want to consider our home an ideal home. The ideal home should be a Christian home because its foundation is on Christ.
Many of us want to consider our home an ideal home. The ideal home should be a Christian home because its foundation is on Christ. 5 Ways to the ideal Home. frogslilypad.net

It is obvious people are searching for something different.  When we listen to others we hear people talking about how they would love to have an old fashion home life. Having an old fashioned home is doable; you just have to be willing to make changes where needed.

We live in the day of on the go families and technology in every room. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have an “old-fashioned” ideal home.

5 Ways to Have the Ideal Home

  • Family Worship Time

A time where a family can worship and praise God together. Children need to learn at an early age how to worship and praise God and honor His Word. We can establish our faith and convictions by teaching our family what the Bible says and how to take a stand when needed. We can pray for each other and over family problems and situations. There is no one better to pray for each other than family. We can also use this time to pray for those who are in leadership, our churches, missionaries, and extended family and friends.  (Deuteronomy 6:6-9)
  • Family Table Time

Something many on the go families are leaving behind. Families need to be sitting together, eating and enjoying a time of fellowship without technology, at least once a day, if possible. Meal time is a time for gratitude of what is on the table and the hands that prepared it. This time, should include a thankful blessing before the meal. (Acts 27:35)
  • Family Church Time

In the old days families sat together in church. Whether it was one pew or two, families always worshiped together as a whole. Over the years, the family pew (s) has become the family 2-3 sitter, with members moving to other parts of the auditorium, children going off to their junior church services. Even with the separation, a family who attends church, but in separate rooms or auditoriums can still talk about what was taught or preached on. Not attending church opens the door of our home to disaster. (Heb 10:25)
  • Family Stewardship

God blesses those who give. He only asks for a small portion (one-tenth) and many homes have found living on the other with God’s blessings goes a lot further than they expected.(Malachi 3:8)

Stewardship doesn’t just mean giving a tithe. It also means to be wise with how we spend our money. Children need to learn to save and be careful using credit cards (if they are allowed in the home) after they learn to give back to God.
  • Family Relationship

The atmosphere in our homes should be peaceful and joyful. We should not have any division within our family. Moments of anger should be just that, a fleeting moment and no longer. (Ephesians 4:26) The home should be a safe haven for the members who live there because Satan is on the prowl just waiting to find an opening into our homes to destroy them. (I Peter 5:8)

While this post is written for the Christian home, most any home could use these tips to help create an ideal home.

Is there anything you do that you would add to have the ideal home?


  1. I truly enjoyed reading this! and I am thankful for the home we had when all of our Family were home. Thanks Lori, love you.

  2. I'm thankful also, Momma. Love you too!

  3. Great tips, Lori! Each of these 5 ways can be incorporated even into a busy family that must run in several different directions! It's just a matter of intentionally incorporating them into our lives. For our family, family table time as a complete unit may not happen every day, but we can aim on doing it a few times a week, even if it's dessert together after Daddy gets home late!

    Thanks so much for sharing this hope for our families with us at #MomentsofHope!



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