Peaceful Living

Peacefulness brings about a sense of calmness.  Just like in the story of when Jesus calms the storm, a sense of calmness came over the disciples in their time of fear. Peaceful Living was a big study for me this week because I want peacefulness and it will have to start with me, not someone else.
Peaceful Living 

Peaceful Living

Hebrews 12:14  Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord:

It’s kind of funny how this verse and my study of Peace fell at the same time. While my study focused on peace with God in life, pride, and difficult people, this verse is talking about having peace and holiness for others to see the Lord.

Peaceful living is hard sometimes. Many of us have bothersome neighbors or obnoxious co-workers that seem to cause problems every time we turn a corner and of course, there’s always that one family member who loves to stir the pot of trouble.

 As Christians, we are not to be the contentious person who is stirring the pot, but rather the one who is trying to keep peace in the situation. This does not mean we are a doormat for people to wipe their feet on but rather, we are to let our voice be heard, but in a way that will bring glory to the Lord. 

When people see us or hear us, they should see and hear Christ. The holiness of God should be pouring out of us in such a way others will know there is definitely something different about us. 

While many times, trouble makers are not Christians, we are to keep holiness about us when dealing with these people. I would hate to know because of the way I act, people could not see that I am a Christian. This is something that happens all the time for people. My husband was shocked to find out one of his bosses is a Sunday school teacher. He was really floored when he found this out because his actions do not show any sign of being a Christian. What really scares me is the fact people are entering eternity without the gift of salvation all because a Christian would not live their life as one.
Living the life of a Christian in nothing to be ashamed of, but we need to remember how we live is either going to point someone to the Lord or away from Him. We are to be peacefully living among others.

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