The Heat Wave

What a week! I really could get used to doing school work only four days a week. We took off Monday only because my husband was home. With him being home, I really dislike dealing with school work; so a holiday it was.

My week has pretty much been a normal week. I've been reading a Every Perfect Gift for a review and can't seem to put it down. Of course, I love The Hickory Ridge Romance series and hate to see the ending of a series, but I'm sure Dorothy Love has more exciting reading planned for me.

Jamie and I finally made it through the "steps" to the beginning of the American Revolutionary War. I learned that John Hancock was possibly quite the smuggler of needed items during a time when the British had control over the ports. It's the little things most people don't know about the great men in our country's history. We are still plugging away in everything else and doing well.

We've had beautiful weather this week.  Today was a heat wave, I tell ya. We hit a sweltering 40 degrees. :) There is still a good amount of snow on the ground and it is slowly melting off. But there is more snow in the forecast for next week.

Every morning and evening when I look out and see the sunrise and the sunset, I'm still amazed at how God put us here. The way everything worked out from the pre-employment drug screening to the phone call about this house while we were driving through Missouri.  Sunday afternoon, my husband drove by the place where I had called about renting a small "cabin" near the lake in town. The Lord worked a miracle in keeping us out of there. Those "cabins" are not much bigger than a 10x10 storage building. The cost to rent one of those things is HIGHWAY ROBBERY!  We would have been pulling each other's hair out by now. Yep, we all three would be sporting the KOJAK look.

I've been busily working on some knitting.  I finally finished up the bear hat and little booties for a cousin. I found the patterns through Ravelry. The hat took me a couple of days, but those booties only took about two hours and they are just too cute!  The yarn I used is Lion Brand Vanna's Choice in Barley.

I also found  Down Cloverlaine. She has some amazingly cute baby washcloths. I made THIS adorable duck cloth.  This wash cloth knits up in about 2 hours, I watched a movie and knitted it from start to finish. Easy, and Quick! ~ I like that.  I'll take a picture of mine later this weekend and show you. I love it!

YAY! It's Friday and it's the "second week" which means, tomorrow is grocery shopping day. Yeah, I'm really not looking forward to that. We've watched the prices around here go up over the last three or four weeks. We are excited about finding that we can shop online with Dollar General. This where we use to buy all our coffee, tea, and some cleaning supplies. They are cheaper than our Walmart and we'll be able to save on shipping. It also means tomorrow I'll be stopping off at the thrift store. That is the only thing that I look forward to on shopping day; I always come out with something.

Have a good weekend.

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