My 8th Grader

I joined the iHomeschool Network’s photo blog hop. This is my 8th grader.

It seems just like yesterday when we began this journey; that was nine years ago. Time really does fly by!

Jamie is a very compassionate young man.  He has a tender heart towards people and their needs. He has a love for soft cuddly animals; he has no love at all for snakes and spiders. 

Jamie is not much of a sports fan but, he loves competing in Chute Dogging and Steer Riding. Being on the back of those young bulls is his favorite.  He is dreaming of the day when he can ride in the Nationals; a dream I hope he reaches.

Jamie is a blessing to me and I am humbled that God would choose me to raise this young man for him.

He'll always be a UGA fan!

  I cannot wait to see how this new school year turns out.

I'm linking up with iHomeschool Network again this week. You can get to know other home educating families in their student photo hop.

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  1. hope you have a great school year. I thought about Jamie when I saw on the news about the unride-able bull finally being conquered in Tulsa this past weekend. I don't know the bull riders like my mother in law does, but that one looked a really nice guy and I am happy for him.


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