Remembering Your Self-Worth As A Homemaker

Have you ever had moments in your life where you, as a homemaker, feel inadequate in your chosen occupation? Do you struggle with your self-worth when others are talking about their busy lives? I have. When my husband and I bought our second house, I’ll never forget how I was made to feel because I didn’t work while talking to the woman in the finance department at our bank. When she asked me about my employment, I told her I was a homemaker. She slowly shook her head looking at me and said something about me not having an income. While I tried to hide the hurt feelings I had at that moment, my husband knew I felt terrible at her reaction.
Remembering Your Self-Worth As A Homemaker {Day 4} 31 Days of Homemaking Series - Being a homemaker should not devalue your self- worth. Your job is important no matter what others think or say.

Remembering Your Self-Worth as a Homemaker

We’ve all been made to feel low because we choose to be at home for our families. But we shouldn’t because we are fulfilling what God designed us to be. I know there are women who have to work and I understand there are women who long to be at home and cannot because of uncontrollable circumstances. I am and was one of those women. I recently took a part-time job; I’m away from home only 14 hours a week. Before I came home from teaching, I longed to be at home caring for my family. It took five years of praying for me to be able to be at home. While I’d rather not be working, I do so to be a blessing to our family’s finances.

In Genesis we find the role for women, we were created to be a helper for our husbands (Gen 2:18 ) and to have children and care for them. I Timothy 5:14 tells us that women are to guide the house (manage). In Proverbs 31, we find a homemaker many women choose to model their lives after.

Being a homemaker, we influence lives. We create an atmosphere in our homes that hopefully shows love and kindness. Those lives we touch every day will eventually touch the lives of others. The love and kindness we show in our homes will be shared with others one day. We should want to be the kind of wife our husband doesn’t have to be ashamed of and will bless. (Proverbs 31:11, Proverbs 31:28) The kind of mother our children will one day bless. (Proverbs 31:28)

Proverbs 31:10 says a virtuous woman’s worth is far above rubies. The word virtuous is not just about moral standards; it is talking about courage, strength, and work ethic. We need to be a courageous, strong and hard working homemaker for our families.

There are going to be times when we deal with of inadequacy. But don’t let Satan steal from you how God looks at you and the role you are in at this moment. Your life is important. The job you are doing for your family is important. Remember your self-worth is far above rubies.


  1. Thanks Lori,I needed this, I'm glad that I chose to be a homemaker.

  2. Hi Lori, I pinned up this post.

    It is lovely!

    Whether we choose to be full time stay @ home moms or homemakers or working moms we should see it as a gift from God and privilege to bless our families.

    Blessings to you

  3. Thank you , Ifeoma. Serving my family is truly a blessing to me.


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