Spearfish Canyon

When I first heard about Spearfish Canyon, I thought it was going to be something like the Grand Canyon in Arizona or Painted Canyon in North Dakota, but smaller. Well, I was wrong! It's more like a road weaving around huge mountains in the Black Hills with the most beautiful views. I kid you not, with every curve the view changes. I can not wait to go back in the spring and fall.

 This is a store at the half way point. Behind it, is a snowmobiling trail. I couldn't get a picture of the back of the store, but there were tons of snowmobiles all lined up and ready to go.

My big little frozen peach.

 Yeah, it was time to leave the ice banks of Spearfish Creek. Remembering the fiasco of Lake Como in the winter of 2008, I quickly decided to go back to the road when I heard the creaking of ice.

 Seriously, who doesn't like frozen waterfalls? This is Bridal Veil falls on the side of the road.

 This is the road to Spearfish leaving the canyon. It was on this road we saw an amazing thing, something we had never seen before. My husband videoed it using his big camera and lens without the tripod ~ hence the shaking. That lens is a Big Mac Daddy size and heavy to hold without the tripod. That momma deer was not going to stand by and allow nature to take its course.


  1. Beautiful photos! We stayed in SD for 3 nights on our road trip in 2011. Spearfish Canyon was on my list, but we didn't have time to go there. Guess I'll have to go back sometime. :)

  2. Beautiful! We went to the Black Hills about 12 years ago...but in the summer.


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