31 Days

Welcome to the 31 Days of Homemaking Series!

31 Days of Homemaking Series: DAY 1- What is homemaking? It's not just about cleaning, it's the atmosphere we create for our families to live in. frogslilypad.net

31 Days of Homemaking Series

For 31 days in 2015, I shared posts everyday all about homemaking. Here you will find links to every post I shared. Grab a cup of your favorite drink and enjoy your time.

Day 1  What is Homemaking?
Day 2 The Heart of the Home
Day 3 Paul's Pork Chops and Potatoes - Recipe
Day 4 Remembering Your Self-Worth As A Homemaker
Day 5 Ways to Keep Warm Without Turning Up the Heat
Day 6 Inside Out Shepherd's Pie -Recipe
Day 7 Time Management: 5 Ways to Help You Save Time
Day 8 Menu Planning and How It Saves Money
Day 9 A Master Meal Planner
Day 10 Hungry Man Breakfast Skillet - Recipe
Day 11 Homemaker, You Are Beautiful
Day 12 Saving Money as a Homemaker
Day 13 No More Excuses For Not Buying in Bulk
Day 14 Finding Balance as a Homemaker
Day 15 Easy Chicken Pot Pie -Recipe
Day 16 Cooking from Scratch
Day 17 A Homemaking Blog Roundup
Day 18 Homemaking Encouragement
Day 19 Let It Go
Day 20 Homemade Bread - It's Cheaper and Tastier
Day 21 Shopping with a Price Book
Day 22 Homemade Cleaners
Day 23 Financial Tips for Homemakers
Day 24 Preserving Foods 
Day 25 Taffy Apple Salad - Recipe
Day 26 Homemaker, You're Not a Maid
Day 27 7 Chores EVERY Child Should Learn To Do
Day 28 Making Apple Cider Vinegar
Day 29 Simple Sweet Potato Pie - Recipe
Day 30 Making Memories
Day 31 What I Learned

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